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coastal moving san diegoPlanning on moving your home or office? Since 2004, Coastal Moving has worked with dedication to provide the most reliable local moving services in the industry. Our staff takes into account all of your move’s unique requirements in order to determine the most optimal relocation strategy, resulting in hundreds of smooth and efficiently completed moves each year. To receive further information about our services, or to schedule a time and date for your move, please contact our staff 7 days a week at (858) 397-5586.

 Why choose Coastal Moving? 

  • Transparency – We are upfront with the total hourly amount it takes to move. Specifics about our operations are made clear from the start to ensure there are no misunderstanding. Our clients can expect from us no hidden fees, no gimmicks, no surprises.
  • Advice – You can rely on us for focused assistance and answers to any of your concerns. The moving coordinators know what is needed to set up and complete your local move optimally. The moving coordinators will go over preparation, pricing options, estimates, and anything else pertaining to your move. They will also be available 7 days a week to help with packing, prepping, and any other questions that arise.
  • Experience – Our foremen average 4 years of moving homes or offices daily (more than 1,000 moves each). It’s critical for foremen to have experience handling multiple types of TVs, curious, sofas, refrigerators, beds, and more, because the variations are almost endless. On a single move, a foreman must be capable of moving, for example, an antique player piano, as well as a 78 inch curved-screen TV, all without taking any risks. With experience comes awareness of every potential pitfall, and solutions for challenging, high-risk situations.
  • Caring – Due to the immense pressure of handling people’s most treasured possessions, guys who are naturally highly conscientious master the trade much quicker than others. Professional movers have immense pride in their work. Damage feels as awful for them as it does for the customer, so they strive to avoid it. Attributes such as strength, intelligence, friendliness, and remaining calm under stress, are all extremely important. But truly caring about how the customer perceives the quality of their work (efficiency, pace, problem solving, loading skill, organization, ridiculous things like the prettiness of an item’s blanket wrapping…) is what separates good movers from bad ones.
  • Value – Pricing that is fair and that doesn’t attempt to extract every cent from our customers, is part of what makes Coastal Moving the premier movers in San Diego and North County. Starting at 79$ per hour, we send out two professionals movers (we do not use contractors or day laborers, and never will), a commercial moving truck, and all the equipment. For a small percentage of folks, depending on a few factors, it might truly be a good idea to move yourself. But for many, who view time and health as their most valued assets, it’s not worth risking a back injury, or calling in favors from friends, to (possibly) save a few bucks (the $39.99 on the side of the U-haul truck is a fraction of what you’ll truly pay, after mileage [$1/mile], insurance, equipment rental, 4 mpg gasoline engines, not to mention the hassle). To move is to execute a long list of the most dreaded, dreadful, exhausting tasks. Movers just see it as a routine, simple, straight-forward process that can usually be finished before lunch time.

Our intention is to make our website extremely detailed, leaving out no important information. Hopefully we have succeeded. Even though we encourage our customers to go through our entire site, we realize people are busy. We will still go over all the necessary details at the time of booking, a process which typically takes anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. We appreciate your consideration and we hope you’ll give us the opportunity to get you moving.

Brad J. Silva