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coastal moving san diegoWhether you’re moving a home, apartment or office from one part of the city to another, or perhaps to another state, we offer the best solutions to help you get there. Since 2004, Coastal Moving has offered a comprehensive array of moving services for San Diego and North County residents. To get a personalized quote and specific information pertaining to your move, contact our staff 7 days a week.

Why choose Coastal Moving? We provide customized solutions, taking into account your unique requirements and move type. Here are just a few of the reasons that make using a professional moving company such as Coastal Moving the smart choice.

  • Transparency – We are upfront with costs of moving. They are made clear from the start to guarantee no surprises.
  • Advice – You can rely on us for focused advice and for answers to any of your concerns about your move. Our staff will go over all relevant information on pre-move prep, pricing options, estimates, and anything else that pertains to your move. Like our moving crews, our office staff are also San Diego movers (either currently or previously), so they’ll know from first hand experience exactly whats needs to pack, load and/or transport your household goods.
  • Experience – Coastal’s drivers and foremen have an average of 4 years moving experience. The reality is that only after doing this every day for years, moving 100’s of different types of TVs, curious, sofas, fridges, etc, one is able to all but completely eliminate the possibility of damage. Things become automatic. Potential pitfalls and high risk situations are known and avoided. Our belief is that damage prevention is by far the most vital component of successful move, far more important than any other single factor.
  • Value – Discounted moving service, 7 days a week. For 75$ per hour, we provide two professional movers, a truck and all the equipment. Local moving is one of those things that it’s always better to have others do for you. Don’t break your back to save a few bucks. We’re used to this kind of work; it’s easy for us. Let us handle it for you!

For help with your move, we’re available for moving and booking 7 days a week. You can reach us at: (858) 397-5586

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